Welcome to Canopy Reef Online. Here you will find a WIDE range of canopies we sell. We are agents for Puma Canopies, Beekman Canopies, Andy Cab Canopies, SA Canopies, Bucco Canopies, Kango Canopies, Canopyking and more popular brands. We sell new, used and refurbished canopies. We are experts in fitment and canopy maintenance, so ask us how to care for and prolong the life of your canopy. We also specialise in Canopy Repairs. Our canopies are all from reputable manufactures, rest assured you will get great service, affordable prices as well as a high quality canopy.


13 Mainreef Road, Langlaagte, Industria, Gauteng , Johannesburg (Near SAPS)

Tel: 011 4731295  F:  011 473129 Cell: 0834448500

4 Portland Avenue, Hurst Hill, Johannesburg (Opposite the Total garage)

Tel: 011 830 0827 / Cell: 0834448500


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  • Two Fully Stocked Warehouses

    13 Mainreef Road, Jhb Tel: 011 4731295 OR 4 Portland Avenue, Hurst Hill, Jhb Tel: 011 830 0827

We specialise in Canopy repairs

Save money with refurbishment: before you sell ask us to assess your canopy. We may be able to repair it and save you the cost of a new canopy.

Over 25 Years in the Canopy Business

Since 1997 Canopy Reef has been offering honest, professional and friendly service. We have 2 branches with over 600 used canopies to choose from. No matter what your budget, we’ll have a canopy for you. We offer 3 months lay-bye facility. We specialise in repairs and advice you how to prolong the life of your canopy.

Wide range of accessories

Rubberising, Repairs

Roof Racks- industrial quality

Brake lights, Interior Lights

Window Tinting

Mesh Wire

Colour Matching

Speaker Boxes

Custom Modifications